11 Pathetic Conditions Of Animals While Transporting


It is not just the humans who are treated badly in this world; animals are perhaps more affected by atrocity and cruelty. It is significant to know how badly animals are transported from one place to another.

1. No motherly love is considered:

Dog Relocation

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It is a common practice to separate a calf from a cow irrespective of the age. The mother cows are often heard crying while they are being transported from one place to another. The motherly love is totally ignored during transportation of these animals.

2. Extreme weather conditions:

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No matter what the thermometer says, the animals are transported under extreme weather conditions. Be it ferocious heat or deadly cold or terrifying thunderstorm or heavy rain, the animal transportation is carried out without fail.

3. Truck­less Transportation:

poor pets transportation

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Have you ever walked hundred miles under extreme weather conditions without food and water? In different parts of the world the animals are herded towards the slaughterhouses and the markets. Here these animals are bided upon and sold.

4. Health and fitness guaranteed:


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According to The Prevention of Cruelty to Animal act clearly specifies that no animal can be transported if its health does not allow it to travel. Completely forgetting any law, some transporters make sure the sick animals are transported to great distances in extreme conditions without proper supplies.

5. Food and water: No party! 


pets 1

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During the poor animal transportation proper food and water supplies are not provided. Although it is required to provide animals with water and food after a specified distance but it is not being taken care of.

6. Truck is cover-less and cruelty is limitless! 

pet Transport

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Most of the times when the animals are transported within city, the trucks are not covered. Let it rain on them! Who actually cares?

7. What is the maximum number? 


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We say there is no upper or lower bound to the number law when it comes to animal transportation. You will see dozens of animals cramped together in a truck, where even the air cannot pass between two animals standing together.

8. Dying piece by piece:

When the cows are brought to the slaughterhouse they are shot in the head or throats are cut. Some of the cows are conscious when they are being cut piece by piece.

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9. No law in some countries:

bad pet transportation

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Some developing countries do not have any law for animal transportation. So you can imagine how these poor animals are transported in those regions of the world.

10. Animal welfare guidelines and standards are missing!


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During transportation animal welfare guidelines are standards must be followed. It should be made mandatory at local level to make animal transportation better.

11. Who is responsible?


Not just the driver of the truck, everybody from transport companies to owners is responsible. The agents at feedlots, sale yards, depots, enterprises and slaughterhouse are responsible for careful transportation and animal handling.

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