How can I get the quotation for my shipment?

You can call our customer support staff or send us email. Alternatively, you can log in to the website and ask for online quote.

How many days prior you to survey the items?

Normally we come at least three days prior for a survey. However, as stated earlier customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. We know that sometimes you need to shift in a hurry or you are unable to call us due to the other exigencies. In that case, we can accept one day notice as well. It is needless to say that these are exceptions and should not be considered rule.

How much time you need for packing the stuff?

Of course it depends on the volume. Normally we take four to six hours for a normal size of packing. If the load contains more number of delicate item/ valuable stuff, then we may need a few hours extra. However, we try to wrap it as fast as possible.

When will you deliver my load?

Normally we deliver material in one day within the state. For bigger distance or inter-state transport, the delivery time depends on some external factors as traffic congestion, weather and condition of the roads.

Why do you need insurance and what type of insurance do you offer?

Though we take utmost care while transporting the load, but there are some situations when the material may get damaged. You need insurance coverage to recover the cost and to avoid financial losses. We provide different types of insurance. You can contact our customer support staff and get the details. Kindly note the insurance is applicable for the damage happened during the transit only.

Will you be able to load car in my presence?

Yes, surely. We want that you are absolutely convinced about the safe delivery of your vehicle. At Southern Cargo Packers and Movers, we respect your feelings. Therefore, we can load the car in the loading vehicle just in front of your eyes. Also, we do not mind delivering it at your doorsteps, provided there is enough space for parking the loading vehicle.

How will you guarantee safe and satisfactory services?

Well, we are the leading movers and packers in the town and you can be fully assured about the quality and promptness. We are expert in relocation of all types of vehicles, office relocation, household relocation, corporate relocation. Our team of experts handles all assignments well and the safety and security is the highest priority for us. The big list of clients speaks loudly about our quality.

We want to shift a specific item as the first thing in the new place. will it be possible?

Why not? We respect your sentiments and feelings. In case you want to place a particular object first, then we will surely do it. You need to inform it clearly in the request form so that we keep it in record and inform about it to the respective people. We will mark it as Article Priority 1 and it will be delivered first. Also, please inform about the special rules to handle these items so that our people can follow.

I have a dining table that can be dismantled, but you need to remember the sequence of nuts and bolts to fix it properly. how can i handle such situation?

We know that there are a few things that can’t be assembled properly if we miss a certain sequence. We request you to please tell it clearly while moving the items from your place. Our team will dismantle it in front of you and keep them in the desired sequence. The same will be conveyed to the other team and you will not face any problem in the new home!

Can I track the shipment?

Definitely! Southern Cargo Packers and Movers believe in complete transparency of the transactions. You can call our customer desk with the transaction reference number or access the online help. You will be given complete information about your consignment. We always recommend tracking the shipment regularly so that any the delay is avoided.

Are your services costly as compared to the other operators?

No! We always believe that you deserve the best value for money and therefore, keep our rates absolutely competitive. You can compare the service levels and customer support and then decide. It is a fact that we are quite reasonably prices among the lot.  In fact, the charges depend on various factors as the volume of goods, how much packing material we need, number of people required to load/unload the material and the transportation cost. We need to pay certain taxes, duties and toll tax to the government. All these increase the cost a little bit. However, we firmly believe that customer is the king and therefore, should never be cheated!

How do you support in case of damage in transit?

We make sure that your goods reach to the destination safely in all circumstances. Still, in case of the rare event of damage during transit we cover the goods under comprehensive insurance coverage. We help in sorting out the insurance claims as early as possible. Our customer care people help in resolving the matter at the earliest and you receive proper amount.

Will you shift perishable items in my consignment?

We do not shift perishable items in the consignment and remove food stuff from the refrigerator and deep freezers. However, we take special care of the delicate items and glassware.

Do you not transport a few things?

Yes. There are certain items that we are unable to load and transport. Pets, plants, poisons, inflammable items and contraband goods are some examples. We request our clients to declare about such articles prior to loading and the company is not liable for any loss occurred due to such articles.