Fraud Companies Exposed by Packers and Movers Mumbai

Moving can be very hectic. And if you have loads of goods and furniture that needs to be moved then outside help is very much needed. Thank god for professionals in this field, packers and movers in Mumbai are always there present at your service whenever you need them. But this blog post is for your caution because as is the case everywhere, even this field has got its fair share or dupers and cheaters. So this is something for you to know how packers and movers Mumbai cheat you and how you can prevent that from happening. You never wish to be taken for a ride now, do you?

1. Seasonal Companies: There are some Packers and movers that works during seasons like Summer Vacation or Winter holidays, etc. do not ever trust such companies as they are phony and always make sure that your stuff is handled by true professionals who have a proper office, staff and a licence to operate. Even if they charge you a couple thousand more, your stuff is not going to be handled by any phony people and company.

2. Payment Methods: All the genuine companies have their own company accounts. So if some moving company representative asks you to write a bearer check, or a personal check or transfer money online into some personal bank account then immediately refrain from it as it is 100% not genuine and you money will be duped.

3. Hidden Costs: There are many hidden costs that might be included under the conditions apply section of the agreement. So make sure to check that out else you might have to find out that your items won’t be delivered because you failed to play some extra INR 5000/- to the moving company.

4. Robbing You: Robbing is really on a high and so when you pack your stuff in the vehicle make sure everything is sealed and packed so that if there is anything different, you can know who the culprit is.

5. Taxes: Movers and packers charge the usual service taxes, but make sure to check out the bill properly and for any extra charges and taxes. You do not want to end up paying a couple of thousands more for no reason.

6. Extortion: Many fraud moving companies do this on a regular basis. They make a deal with you and once your goods are packed and in their possession, they come to you asking for more money which ranges in tens of thousands. And since they have your goods in their possession, you need to pay up else you don’t get your goods back. To avoid this, the best way is to inform your local police station about the moving company, the inventory, truck number, and the destination so that if something like this happens, the police can take perfect action against the moving company.

These are some of the standard modus operandi of many of the fraud packers and movers Mumbai so make sure you take the necessary steps required and don’t fall prey to their evil schemes to dupe you of more and more money. Make sure the packers and movers in Mumbai that you choose are reliable, trustworthy and safe so that you can have your shifting process done with ease.


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