Importance of Pre Survey Conducted by Packers and Movers in Mumbai

If you are planning to move, then you know important is the entire planning process. If there is even a single detail amiss, then it can create a great load of problems for us. More importantly the last minute changes that need to be made can be a huge stress for both the clients and well as the service providers. For that reason the packers and movers in Mumbai go through a process called a pre survey where they check up on everything in all the minute details so that they get everything right and hence no issues are caused at the last moment.

What exactly is a pre survey?

Packers and movers Mumbai conduct a pre survey which is actually a process where the moving company interacts with the clients and gets down all the details of the moving in complete details so that nothing is missed out and there are no problems caused at the time of moving.

The details asked in the survey are:

1. Moving date
2. New address
3. Number of items to be moved
4. Items that are fragile
5. Calculation of distance to be moved
6. Any special needs
7. Insurance information for moving

The pre survey can be conducted either over the telephone or personally where the company sends in a representative to the clients for gathering the intel. Many packers and movers Mumbai prefer the personal touch so that they can serve the clients much better and understand their each and every need clearly. Though this could be a bit difficult if the moving is needed to be done urgently. In that case a phone call can suffice.

Benefits of the Survey:

The benefits of the pre survey is that each and every small detail of the moving process can be planned on paper and executed so that there are absolutely no confusions or any hindrance for that matter. Everything from the items to be moved to the transportation vehicle required, the time that will be taken to transport the goods and the loading and unloading as well as the packaging of the goods is all planned. The complete time table is set by packers and movers in Mumbai.

Also a big issue about the traffic and the route that needs to be taken to avoid traffic and all is also planned accordingly so that the clients can be completely at ease about everything. And more importantly, this pre survey is also helpful is providing the client a perfect estimate about the services that will be provided so that the clients can be ready for it and there won’t be any issues to tackle later on.

So if you are planning to move into Mumbai or out of there, you know how the packers and movers actually function with their procedure. So you can be ready with all the details so that can save both yours as well as the surveyor’s time.

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