Moving Checklist by Southern Cargo Packers and Movers

Moving from one place to another can be really tedious, especially when you have to move well, a lot of stuff from one place to another. There is the furniture, the personal belongings like clothes and stuff and also the silverware and the works which seems to take like a lifetime to pack and unpack.

And on top of that in all that ruckus you happen to forget something which is then highlighted by our brain at either the very last moment or else en route and then it is all over. You start fuming and panicking and it is all amiss.

So for your simplicity and also to make sure that you don’t miss anything, we have brought to you the moving checklist.

This checklist contains everything that you need to do before leaving your old home and moving into your new abode. So make sure to take note of everything and you don’t miss anything.

  • It is always advantageous to start the packing process about a month and a half before the moving date, that way you don’t miss out on anything.
  • You can call us and ask for our packing experts to help you out with your packing. We can also send in our agent who will survey everything and help you out with efficient packing.
  • Make sure to pack all your belongings like clothing into bags and rest of the other stuff like books, bed sheets, lamps, etc. into cartons and seal them using packing tape. This way the stuff will be easy to transport and carry around.
  • Make sure all your valuables are packed separately and it is always preferred that you keep them in a bank storage locker.
  • Cover all your furniture, especially the fragile ones with bubble wrap and newspaper so that they do not get damaged in transit.
  • For simplicity, pack similar stuff together like utilities in one box, electronics in another, etc.
  • All the electrical kitchen appliances like fridge, microwave, mixer grinders and all should be clean and dry so that no fungus is formed. It is always a good practise to finish off all the food in the fridge and there is no left over so that none is wasted. In case stuff gets finished, it is preferable to order food from outside.
  • Make sure the fridge and other appliances are clean and dry for over 48 hours to prevent growth of poisonous mould.
  • After all this is done and dusted, then comes the important steps of involving the authorities and letting them know.
  • Contact your electricity, water and telephone company to let them know about your change of address and date of shifting so that then they can cut off the services and you wont have to pay the extra bill amount. Also do make sure to contact the post office, insurance companies, car companies, and other magazines, newspapers and everyone who needs to know of your forwarding address.

So make sure to follow all these steps and make sure you don’t miss absolutely anything while moving and so your shifting will be done completely smoothly and hindrance and tension free.

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