Moving Process Followed by Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Different packers and movers have some different techniques but the basic parameters and functioning remains the same. Some prefer the form filling paperwork process while others prefer the personal approach. Here we are going to cover in detail the process followed by the packers and movers in Mumbai.

Calculations and Estimation:

This is a very important step in the process. Here many packers and movers Mumbai prefer to provide you with forms containing questionnaires about your plans and moving goods, collate all the information about your belongings so as to make decisions as in how much manpower will be required to load up the stuff, how big the transportation vehicle is required, etc. After this step the estimation is provided to the customers how much the total moving is going to cost and after the client has agreed to it, and then the procedure actually begins.

As for the estimation, it consists of the following parameters.

1. Number of belongings
2. Size of the belongings
3. Manpower required for loading and unloading
4. Size of vehicle required
5. Distance to be transported
6. Insurance cover for the moving
7. Taxes and custom duties (if required)


This is the second step in the process where the men from packers and movers Mumbai come and help you out with the packing of the heavy goods like furniture, delicate art pieces, etc. cloth covers for furniture and bubble wrap for delicate and fragile materials is very useful so that your goods always remain undamaged and in pristine condition even if some untoward mishap does happen in the process.


After the packing comes the step of loading the goods to the vehicle. This takes a large amount of effort especially if you happen to be living on a higher floor. So if you have open windows, then pulleys are the best bet, else there is no other option than simply carrying the goods down the flight of stairs of in the lift if it fits in. Then all the goods are properly arranged in the vehicle so that they do not fall off or get damaged even if the ride gets a little bumpy.


This is a very delicate process as we cannot really control any accidents. But still the drivers are very skilled and experienced and they know very well how to deliver. Hence they make sure to drive safely and make sure that your goods always reach the destination safe and sound.

Unloading and unpacking:

Here the goods after reaching are unloaded and unpacked and that is the end of the process.

This is exactly the process that all packers and movers in Mumbai follow. The procedure might sometimes vary depending on the type of movement like say for a corporate moving which is a huge task since it requires moving of huge amount of furniture and also lots of sensitive files which requires to be transported safely and discreetly. So this is the general procedure followed by the moving companies and hence if you are planning to move, then you know now exactly what to expect and how to go about things.

  • Cost Estimation

  • Packing

  • Loading

  • Moving

  • Unloading & Unpacking

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