Never Handle These items to Packers and Movers Mumbai

When moving from one place to another, it is very important to take care of certain things like for example handling our things with care. You need to be careful about certain stuff else if wrong things fall in the hands of packers and movers Mumbai, it will surely be great amount of trouble and pains for you. so for that reason we have compiled a list of things as to what not to do and what never to handle to the packers and movers in Mumbai.

1. Sensitive Documents: This is the most important of all that is not to let the movers lay their hands on the personal and sensitive stuff and documents. Think of this, suppose your car papers or house papers fall in their hands. They can easily photograph it or photocopy it and scam you out of them. Or else they can sell this all sensitive and important information about you. People are trustworthy yes, but you can never afford to take any such risks and the black market for selling information is really huge.

2. Lockers: We generally use portable lockers for storing important documents or jewellery or hard cash in our home. And when we are moving, it is actually easy to move the lockers themselves so that our belongings can stay safe. But in such cases where we have to move our lockers, always carry them yourself in your personal car, or else if it is huge, then make sure to inventory all the items in the locker and make sure the locker is loaded in the vehicle under your supervision.

3. Jewellery Boxes: Make sure you always keep the jewellery boxes on you all the time and also move them in your own personal car and not in the moving vehicle. Also when moving the furniture and goods make sure these are kept under lock and key all the time and only you have the keys for it.

4. House Keys: If suppose you are out for some urgent work, always call down the office and let them know about the delay but never hand over the house keys to the moving people. You might never know what they “misplace” from your belongings.

5. Expensive Collectibles and Electronics: Antiques and expensive fragile masterpieces should always be packed and loaded under your supervision so that it stays safe and with you. also make sure to keep your electronics neatly covered and packed in a carton so that they stay safe and properly accounted as well. So it is much simpler for everyone.

So this is a compiled list of what not to hand over to the packers and movers in Mumbai. Always make sure your belongings are safe and all are accounted for. Never let any of your belongings out of sight and make sure to inventory personally all your belongings before the people arrive so that if there is a difference later, you can check that out immediately.

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