Packers and movers Mumbai: The Baggage Manager

We manage baggage of a different league altogether and we are expert in it. We make sure the baggage you want us to deliver is transported without a scratch and in impeccable condition. Your wish is our command and we in Southern Movers & Packers  believe the customer has specific expectations which makes our work even more challenging.

The packers and movers Mumbai have perfected the art of transportation and especially  Southern Movers & Packers  use all kinds of inventories to make it look seamless job.

Big league transportation

We are making waves in the field of innovative ways of transportation. We have the best of hands available who execute the job at hand with precision and without any iota of glitch. We belong to a different league of transporter with independent warehousing, impeccable record of safety and timely delivery. We take pride in what we do and for every job executed we try and reach the next level of perfection.

Perfection is our forte

We perfected the art of packing and space management. These two factors play a big role in getting us the next batch of customer and admiration as well.

  • Perfected the art of packing with innovative packing materials
  • Seamless space management within carrier
  • Zero damage packing and delivery
  • Terrain shock proof sponge block packing
  • Time management and online tracking
  • One on one customer orientation and updates
  • Point to point billing and last lane delivery
  • Start to finish supervision

Like all packers and movers in Mumbai we too look forward in getting as many customers as possible but for us the service we provide comes first and that should get us the number. Minimum use of unwanted materials to save space, reduce load to make the overall carrier stress free and lighter.

Rocket science

Transportation is no rocket science we agree but we do not work under the shadow of a rocket as well. For us in Southern Movers & Packers every moves count. The moment a customer steps in we know our job has just begun. We go with the wishes a customer makes and we make sure the delivery is made to the last mile. Not only have we made sure the last mile is covered but also deliver the goods in a manner which the customer wishes use to.

The movers and packers in Mumbai use everything in possession to impress a potential customer and eventually the rate work, door to door pick-up and delivery along with value addition. Does it work? Well not always as the customers are much more knowledgeable than before and they do understand what value addition really means. Customers look for  Southern Movers & Packers  as they know the difference between value added service and just mere add-ons. Hire us to know more about us.

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