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What Our Client Says

  • It was such a superb transition from Mumbai to Chennai. I will certainly recommend to others. The services are highly professional and the customer support is excellent!

    Deepti Kamble
    Deepti Kamble Chennai
  • We have just now transferred from Mumbai to Vadodara and I had to look after the relocation since my husband had to join the office earlier. I am pleased to say that the experience with Southern Cargo Movers and Packers was simply amazing. The staff took complete care of everything and I need not worry about the safe and smooth transit of my valuable stuff.

    Sohail Mirza
    Sohail Mirza Vadodara
  • It is the best movers and packers company in the city. Keep it up!!

    Pawar Satish
    Pawar Satish M Barua
  • My car was transferred incredibly fast. The services are superb.

    Janak Udeshi
    Janak Udeshi R. Samuel
  • I hired Sothern Cargo for household relocation and the vehicle was stuck in between due to floods. The company took proper care of it and diverted the vehicle to alternate route. Though I received the things 2 days late, but everything was intact. Company officials kept me informed about the proceedings timely and helped incredibly. Great service, Cheers!

    Dk Zaltan Morey
    Dk Zaltan Morey Bangalore
  • We hired the office relocation services and happy to say that it was the smoothest transition I have seen so far. Everything was well organized and the planning and implementation was of very high standard. Surely recommend!

    Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra SAPL Hyderabad
  • They are good service. Well done!

    Samarth Palkar
    Samarth Palkar Bihar
  • My experience was very good. They helped me a lot. I will tell others about it.

    Amrita Arora
    Amrita Arora Borivali

Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Dombivli West – The Things That Set Us Apart!

Dombivli West is an area in Dombivli which is One of the most populous city of Mumbai metropolitan region. It is one of the urban centres in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

If you are planning to add a few drops to that ocean, here are some ways in which Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Dombivli West can help you avoid getting swept off your feet!

  • Strength and Reliability

With a vast expanse of networks and an innate understanding of the workings of the logistics market, we at Southern Cargo Packers and Movers, Dombivli West are an amalgamation of professionalism, consistency and proficiency. We understand that trust works both ways and we assure you that your faith in us will never be misplaced. All our employees work as one big family to give you that perfect relocation experience!

  • Maintaining a Flexible Approach

Instead of a straight-jacketed response to any quandary, we at Southern Cargo, go the extra mile to find an optimum way out which is mutually beneficial to both, the customer and the company. Maintaining a flexible and solution oriented approach, we use creative ideas to work our way around a problem if we don’t find one straight through. All this and more to make sure that not one single article gets lost or damaged in your official or domestic move.

  • Safety first

Our top priority at Southern Cargo Movers and Packers in Dombivli West is the safety of your goods.  Whether it be loading, transit or unloading, we ensure that the utmost care is taken in the execution of these operations. Our Transit Insurance policy also covers the ground in case any dire circumstances, such as earthquakes, fires or any other disastrous occurrences should arise.

  • Competitive Prices

Relocation can be a pretty pricey affair and is often used as an opportunity to squeeze some extra amount from the customer. What makes us unique, is that we maintain complete transparency in all our transactions, thereby establishing a concrete bond of trust. Say goodbye to all hidden charges, if you avail of our services today!

  • Consumer is King

We at Southern Cargo wholeheartedly believe in this motto and adhere rigorously to it at all times. Keeping on our toes, we make an effort to ascertain that everything is done according to your convenience and to your satisfaction!

With our medley of technological revamps, stringent security and enthusiastic employees, we guarantee that your entire experience with Southern Cargo Movers and Packers, Dombivli West is a fantastic one.

We maintain an open loop system, incorporating customer feedback into our activities and reinventing ourselves to suit your needs! Having set the bar high from the very beginning, we work tirelessly to raise it even higher.

You might have heard of us from your friends or relatives. Call or come and see for yourselves the worth of our promises today!