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What Our Client Says

  • It was such a superb transition from Mumbai to Chennai. I will certainly recommend to others. The services are highly professional and the customer support is excellent!

    Deepti Kamble
    Deepti Kamble Chennai
  • We have just now transferred from Mumbai to Vadodara and I had to look after the relocation since my husband had to join the office earlier. I am pleased to say that the experience with Southern Cargo Movers and Packers was simply amazing. The staff took complete care of everything and I need not worry about the safe and smooth transit of my valuable stuff.

    Sohail Mirza
    Sohail Mirza Vadodara
  • It is the best movers and packers company in the city. Keep it up!!

    Pawar Satish
    Pawar Satish M Barua
  • My car was transferred incredibly fast. The services are superb.

    Janak Udeshi
    Janak Udeshi R. Samuel
  • I hired Sothern Cargo for household relocation and the vehicle was stuck in between due to floods. The company took proper care of it and diverted the vehicle to alternate route. Though I received the things 2 days late, but everything was intact. Company officials kept me informed about the proceedings timely and helped incredibly. Great service, Cheers!

    Dk Zaltan Morey
    Dk Zaltan Morey Bangalore
  • We hired the office relocation services and happy to say that it was the smoothest transition I have seen so far. Everything was well organized and the planning and implementation was of very high standard. Surely recommend!

    Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra SAPL Hyderabad
  • They are good service. Well done!

    Samarth Palkar
    Samarth Palkar Bihar
  • My experience was very good. They helped me a lot. I will tell others about it.

    Amrita Arora
    Amrita Arora Borivali

Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Santacruz (Mumbai), Hallmarking Efficiency in Logistics

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk of Mumbai is the congestion. Add to that the words, ‘domestic airport terminal’ and Santacruz can’t help but pop up in your mind!

The close proximity to T1 makes it home to the some of the most elite corporate industries in the city. If you have been lucky enough to get an office space along the corporate promenades Link Road or Pipeline Road, we at Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Santacruz (Mumbai) can help you relocate there without any trouble whatsoever!

Here are some of the ways in which our efficient office relocation system works:

  • The New Lookout

Getting the new office leased is done. On the lookout for an efficient moving company? Search no further! We are the leading industry in the logistics market. With a working experience of over eight years we are your best solution to do away with relocation worries! Rest assured, once you contact us, your part is done. We’ll take it from here on.

  • An Estimable Estimate

Considering your working hours, hardware and software to be moved and the peak traffic times at both, the new and the old locations, we at Southern Cargo Packers and Movers, Santacruz (Mumbai) chalk out an estimate of the expenses and accordingly decide upon a battle-plan to ensure that delivery is safe and timely. And once you Greenlight the whole procedure, watch us go chaotically systematic!

  • Pack and Load

Corporate shifting is radically different than domestic or household relocation. Well aware of this, we at Southern Cargo, ensure that all your furniture and machines and stored such that there is practically no damage to any of the components. Be it glass-topped tables, the mouse of a computer or your extensive library of files and folders, we wrap up stuff in an organized and efficient manner, sorting it by size, sturdiness and fragility and then load it up accordingly.

  • On the Move

Transporting of computers, LCD’s, projectors and the like is a very delicate matter, as even a slight mishandling can cause it to malfunction. Our experienced staff at Southern Cargo Movers and Packers in Santacruz (Mumbai) makes sure that they are loaded up securely and our responsible drivers adhere to every axiom in the rule book, making your worries redundant! Unlike other companies we do not work only on hollow assurances. Our transit insurance policy gives you a legal backup for a claim should any mishap occur in actuality.

  • Unloading Away

Are you giddy yet, since the job is almost done? Don’t be! We believe that the unloading is perhaps the most delicate part of the entire process. Keeping up an inventory and using all technology available at our disposal, we smile only when the job is completed to your satisfaction!

  • The Works

Not just your furniture, we at Southern Cargo can help you relocate your employees and their families too. Our widespread network of service ensures that the entire transplantation is smooth, organized and hassle-free!

Corporate shifting needs to be quick and efficient to avoid disruptions in the company proceedings. Be it the services sector or the industrial one, we assure you that your experience with Southern Cargo Movers and Packers, Santacruz (Mumbai) will be sublime!

Well? What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and see for yourself!