Packers and Movers in Thane – Understanding the Complexities of Commercial Relocation

Companies which start off on small scales, generally move to bigger offices as their businesses grow, or if their existing premises becomes too cramped to accommodate the growing numbers of their employees. However, relocating of commercial or business premises can be very challenging.

What you could do?

Now that you have decided to move your business operations to a different location, you must coordinate all your moves carefully. Firstly, you will need to get in touch with one of the reliable packers and movers in Thane, and discuss your business relocation plans with them as elaborately as possible. Don’t forget to ask for the price quote, and compare it with those of other service providers.

On your end, you will need to do other important tasks like transferring or canceling the internet connections, procuring work licenses for your new location, transferring phone services, coordinating the relocation plans with your employees, etc. You must prepare for the move early. If possible, consult your cleaners and movers at least 3-4 months prior to the relocation dates.

How to relocate non-physical items

There are many non-physical items like the software, virtual folders, important files, reports, etc. Getting their backups only on your company’s server will not be sufficient, because there is always a risk of losing data while transporting the servers on road.

If you have important digital files, then you must make it a point to back them up on other server locations, or on the web servers. If there are any laptops and computers outside of the company network, then make sure that you back them up as well before moving them.

Move your land line at the end, so that your clients do not face any sort of inconvenience while contacting you till the very last moment.

If possible, try to retain your existing contact details like telephone numbers and email IDs. Even if you have to change them, make sure that the changes are updated on all the important documents, visiting cards, websites, letterheads etc. You could also send postcards to your clients mentioning your new address details.


Tips to move physical items

Now that the transfers or backups of non-physical items are taken care of, it is time to move the physical items. However, you have to plan well before proceeding ahead. You could take help from your employees to create an extensive checklist. The items on the checklists must be then segregated and prioritized according to their importance.

Before packing the printers, make sure that you remove the ink cartridges. The packers and movers in Thane that you hire will safely transport your computers and hardware to your new office location. They will systematically label all the boxes before transporting them. This will make the unpacking process simpler.

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