Packing Guide- How to do it Effiectively

Moving is not just one day in which you move into another place. It is a series of different things that need to be done within couple of weeks and sometimes even months. One of the most essential things that is hated by most is PACKING. In order to make the whole issue easier for you read the instructions below.

1) One month before – the event you should inform tax office, post office, your bank, cable TV, telecommunications etc. that you are going to change your address. You should also coordinate your holiday with your boss. If you’re thinking of hiring a moving company it would be better if you did it a month before the move as well.

2) Three weeks before – do the tidy-out. This is the first and probably the most important step towards the quick and easy way of moving away. It is a great time to get rid of the things you no longer want or need. Sometimes we discover that we have been keeping things for ages without even knowing we had them! So if you could live without that particular thing for so many years you can do it in the future as well. Give to someone who will make a use of it or simply bin it! Remaining stuff need to be properly packed. If you consider packing on your own, look for some big boxes. If your apartment, flat or house is big, you will probably need around twenty boxes. You will also need bin liners. If you don’t have any boxes, ask neighbors or shop owners – they are likely to have a lot! Now, if you are already well equipped – start packing!!

Packing guide- How to do it Effiectively2

Step 1 – remember to put separately glass, food, clothes and books. Things that can be easily broken should be wrapped in a bubble wrap or newspapers. Do not put books into big boxes. Use mid-high boxes to make it easier to lift. Clothes – it is better to do the laundry before you start packing.

Step 2 – labelling. Every box should have a big sticker with a name that will tell you what is inside. If you do not want to use stickers just write the name with a marker. If you have many boxes from one place you can use one colour of a sticker or pen and write things like: ‘kitchen – mugs, teacups’, or ‘kitchen – plates’, ‘bedroom – family pictures’. It is advisable to make list, for example: kitchen – 6 boxes, bedroom – 4 boxes, bathroom – 3 boxes etc.

3) 2 weeks before – if you have small kids it would be better to leave them with someone that is going to take care of them as you will probably be very busy. The same with animals. Documents – try to find all the important documents and keep them all together in one big briefcase. At this time you can start thinking about packing. Do it with the things that you use the least.

4) 1 week before – make sure everything is packed, check all the lists you have made and just prepare your mind for moving away. I am absolutely sure it’s your new place is going to be amazing!

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