Special Edition Of Trucks For Military Transportation In India And Abroad

They are grand, great, gargantuan, massive, enormous and gigantic. You simply cannot take your eyes off of them once you look at them. They are multipurpose yet amazing drive. Yes, military trucks we are talking about.

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The special military trucks are manufactured for special purposes. Special edition being one way to comprehend, they are just very special. A simple vehicle cannot carry out military transportation this is why these trucks have an extraordinary worth.

What makes these military trucks so special?

Of course you should be asking this question, what makes them so special. These trucks are manufactured differently to carry out tasks differently that is why they not deemed any less than special edition trucks. These trucks do special jobs such as;

1.  Huge mobility solution to military logistic problems:

miltary Truck

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Of course a simple sedan would not help military mobility issues. You need a big and better truck to provide cost effective, durable, and multipurpose logistic solution for impeccable transportation.

2.  Super structure and grand performance for off road operations:

military trucks

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No normal truck can serve off road transportation of low to heavy items. Military transportation is not simple. Sometimes it is cargo, sometimes food, sometimes shelter and sometimes troops.

3.  High loading capacities:

military truck

Source: http://world.chinadaily.com.cn/img/attachement/jpg/site1/20140820/eca86bda350e155e2b3c1f.jpg

Special edition military trucks are designed to make for high loading capacities from as low as 4 x 4 chassis to as high as 8 x 8 chassis.

4. Camouflage is necessary:

Source: http://hotywallpapers.com/wallpaper/2015/05/military-trucks-for-sale-29-cool-hd-wallpaper.jpg

Source: http://hotywallpapers.com/wallpaper/2015/05/military-trucks-for-sale-29-cool-hd-wallpaper.jpg

Special edition military trucks in India and abroad are designed especially because they need to be camouflaged at different stages of transportation. These specially engineered trucks transport food, tools, water and fuel to remote areas.

5. Transportation of military equipment’s:

military truck

Source: http://www.tu.no/incoming/2014/04/04/1200027079.jpg/alternates/w1366f/1200027079.jpg

It does not come handy when heavy military equipment’s needs to be transported. These special edition trucks in India and abroad carry compensating goose-necks, suspension arms, CKD kits, swivel arms, hydraulic suspensions, and winch equipment’s for excellent steering, maneuvering, corner stability and road holding.

What are some marvelous special edition military trucks?

Praise the lord when you see these marvelous inventions. These special edition military trucks have just one thing common –they all are perfect. Given is the list below of some grand trucks used for military transportation.

1. VLRA 2 by ACMAT:


Source: http://fr.academic.ru/pictures/frwiki/86/VLRA_TPK_4_25_STL_Pamela_009.JPG

VLRA 2 by ACMATis a military truck built in 2009 and is still in use in the countries like Uk, France, Chile, Chad, Kenya, Cyprus, Zimbabwe and Ireland.

2. Ashok Layland Stallion


Source: http://www.military-today.com/trucks/ashok_leyland_stallion_l5.jpg

Ashok Layland Stallion is a heavy military truck manufactured by Ashok layland defence systems. This truck was first used in 1987 and is still in use in India.

3. BAZ – 69096


Source: http://www.military-today.com/trucks/baz_6909.jpg

BAZ – 69096 is a special wheeled chassis. This was first manufactured in 1998 and is currently being used in Russia.

4. Type 73 by ISUZU


Source: http://www.picautos.com/images/isuzu-type-73-01.jpg

Type 73 by ISUZU Motors Japan is a special military heavy truck.

5. KrAz 6322


Source: http://www.deftech-ltd.com/assets/images/trucks/bastion-0102-3.jpg

KrAz 6322 is a heavy military truck by KrAZ. Manufactured in 1994, it is still in use in Greece, China, India, Yemen, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria and others These special trucks serve special purpose. These military trucks are specifically for military purpose but some models were designed for civilian use as well.


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