Top 10 Most Missed Out Items While Moving Home

Even if you have made out your plans for moving at the time of relocation, there is every chance that you might forget leaving behind some frequently missed out items. This generally happens at the time of packing, when some items happen to be out of mind in fuss. Hence, it is adviced to well organize the shifting by hiring the services of professional movers and packers. Here are 10 things which you have every chance for forgetting while moving home.

  1. 10 most forgotten items while moving out Personal contacts: Don’t forget to take the phone book and check out on any email or address of persons close to you that you do not have. Collect these information and inform them about your leaving.
  2. Records:  Check on your medical records including all current prescriptions, day care records and records of your vet and school records of your child so that you may transfer them easily at your new location.
  3. Clothes with cleaners: There is every possibility that you may leave out some clothes lying with your cleaner. Make sure to visit and collect them before you move.
  4. Library books: Make sure that all books taken from the library is returned before leaving.
  5. Taking pets and plants: Movers generally do not have any arrangement for transporting pets and plants which might become embarrassing right at the time of moving. Make proper arrangements well in advance for transporting them to your new location.
  6. Arrangements for utility services: Plan in advance for your stay at the new location by enlisting yourself with utility services such as electricity, internet and gas. Also open a bank account and subscribe to local newspaper. Make a visit to the nearby stores, doctors available, kindergarten school if required for your child and transportation system in case you do not have a car. This will help you to become accustomed to your new way of life as soon as you move in.
  7. Checking unpaid bills:  Check out your unpaid bills if any and make sure to disconnect the existing services of electricity, internet, gas, milk and newspaper so that those moving in do not face any problem.
  8. Having a utility box: By having a utility box, you make sure that the essentials required for the first couple of days after moving in are easily accessible. Items which should be packed inside this box include tooth brush, tooth paste, towels, soap, essential clothes, medicine and some snacks and drinks. This would help you save time and energy in searching for these items.
  9. Documents: Collect all documents which include agreements, contracts, receipts of paid bills and other valuable documents and prepare a file which is kept handy. It is better not to transport them along with other household items for safety and privacy.
  10. Cleaning: Leave your home well cleaned and the keys of the garage so that the next family moving in has no trouble.

Preparing a checklist of these items which are most frequently forgotten while moving out to a long distance.

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