You can not Transport Animals without these 5 Documents

The animal transportation is one of the major transportation processes that have taken place in America and many other different parts of the world. A lot of people require their pets to be transported which need different companies to have their live feed shipped in certain destinations. But did you know, that without certain documents, you shall not be allowed to transport any animal from one place to another?

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Yes, it is true, without proper documentation it is completely illegal to transport any animal. In this article we are going to make it clear for you, the documents you shall need for transporting the animals.

1. ATC document:

The exact transportation rules specify that all journeys must be logged which includes the date, time and also the duration of the journey. For the journeys which shall take place for more than eight hours, involving any species of animals as a part of economic activity, you should have an ATC document.

2. Journey log: 

In case of the journey is more than eight hours, and involves exporting farm, dispatching livestock or the unregistered domestic equidae, then a journey log is essential instead of the ATC document. If a farmer is transporting his/her own animals within 50 kilometers, then the ATC documents is not required.

3. For journeys more than 65 km:

If the business includes the transport of animals for more than 65 km but the duration is less than 8 hours, then valid transporter documentation is necessary for the short duration journeys along with the valid certificates depicting drivers and handler’s competence is necessary. The competence certificate could be a training certificate or any test certificate passed by the driver.

4. For journeys more than 8 hours:

In case of the journeys for more than 8 hours, it is necessary to hold a valid authorization of transportation for long journeys, a similar competence certificate for the handler’s and drivers, and also a valid container/vehicle approval certificate. The last document in this section is necessary for inspecting whether the animals are transported in a safe container or not.

5. Transporter Authorization:

For less than 8 hours journey

If the journey time is less than 8 hours, and you have to make a lot of transportation for your business, then it is essential to have a type 1 authorization document. This will be valid for a period of five years.

But there are certain factors to attain this certificate. They are as follows:

● You must have an established business within UK.

● You have to show that, the business have efficient staffs, procedures and equipment’s for meeting the rules of animal welfare during the transport.

● Your business does not have any record for serious animal transportation conviction in the past three years.

● And lastly, you have the valid certificates for competence for handlers and drivers to manage the transportation process efficiently.

For more than 8 hours journey

In case of the more than 8 hours you shall have a type 2 documentation which includes the above documents and vehicle/container authorization certificate along with details for recording the movement of your vehicle.

If you have any further queries, regarding the documentation procedure, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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