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  • It was such a superb transition from Mumbai to Chennai. I will certainly recommend to others. The services are highly professional and the customer support is excellent!

    Deepti Kamble
    Deepti Kamble Chennai
  • We have just now transferred from Mumbai to Vadodara and I had to look after the relocation since my husband had to join the office earlier. I am pleased to say that the experience with Southern Cargo Movers and Packers was simply amazing. The staff took complete care of everything and I need not worry about the safe and smooth transit of my valuable stuff.

    Sohail Mirza
    Sohail Mirza Vadodara
  • It is the best movers and packers company in the city. Keep it up!!

    Pawar Satish
    Pawar Satish M Barua
  • My car was transferred incredibly fast. The services are superb.

    Janak Udeshi
    Janak Udeshi R. Samuel
  • I hired Sothern Cargo for household relocation and the vehicle was stuck in between due to floods. The company took proper care of it and diverted the vehicle to alternate route. Though I received the things 2 days late, but everything was intact. Company officials kept me informed about the proceedings timely and helped incredibly. Great service, Cheers!

    Dk Zaltan Morey
    Dk Zaltan Morey Bangalore
  • We hired the office relocation services and happy to say that it was the smoothest transition I have seen so far. Everything was well organized and the planning and implementation was of very high standard. Surely recommend!

    Deepak Mishra
    Deepak Mishra SAPL Hyderabad
  • They are good service. Well done!

    Samarth Palkar
    Samarth Palkar Bihar
  • My experience was very good. They helped me a lot. I will tell others about it.

    Amrita Arora
    Amrita Arora Borivali

Maximum City – Mumbai


You all must have heard the saying, “Mumbai Sapno ka shahar hai” which in English means that Mumbai is the city of dreams. People come here and settle down for work and fulfill their dreams, their life goals.


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There is just so much to this Maximum city that you will always have the time of your life in this city. No matter where you are from and what you do, after a certain amount of time spending in this city, you will proudly call yourself a Mumbaikar.

For the Newcomers:


If you are new to Mumbai and are having trouble moving around or confused as to where to go and what to do, then this post is surely going to help you get around. For starters Mumbai has the most developed public transportation system in the state and maybe also the country.

You always have the option of the local trains, BEST busses or else the usual rickshaws and taxis. If you are totting a smartphone, then just get the “mindicator” app from your respective app stores and you can access all the transportation information on it like train timings, bus routes, etc.

If you have internet connection, you can check Mumbai local train timingsbus routes and details about taxis and cabs on

Om Nom Nom Nom!!!

Now that travelling has been taken care of, you need something to gobble to fill up your tummy. For that, there can be no better place than Mumbai. No matter which part of Mumbai you are in, you will never be out of great options for food.

There are always good restaurants on each nook and corner of the city and if you are in some heavy residential area, then you really need not worry as there will always be some amazing restaurants as well as khau gallis to satiate any kind of hunger that you might have.

10 of the best street foods in Mumbai

Best Places on Mumbai streets for a decent midnight meal

Street Food Restaurants in Mumbai


Roof on your head:


We all need a roof on our heads and Mumbai is a bit on the costly side in this case. So if you are a settler here, then you can get many apartments on rent all across the city; just depends on where you want to settle down and how much your budget is.

Places like south Mumbai, Andheri Lokhandwala, etc. are elite places, so the rates there are a lot more than other places, so you need too plan smartly accordingly.

If you are a student, then you can share your room with your classmate and save on the expense. If you are here in Mumbai for a job, it’s always recommended to have a flat on rent and share it to save some money.

You can find sharing apartments here:

Sharing apartments in Mumbai

Roommates and Flat mates in Mumbai 

Chalo Ghumne:


When you visit Mumbai, you must visit all the cool places here. If you don’t check out the local sites and attractions as well at the symbolic locations in Mumbai, then you haven’t seen Mumbai at all. It is always best to start the journey from our very own Gateway of India.

Here you can simply gaze into the infinity of the sea as long as you want. And if you want to experience the water, then you can go into the boat ride that is present there to have some fun and get the sea view of the city’s border line.

Just opposite the Gateway is the epic Taj Hotel which was attacked by the terrorists on 26/11. It is now fully up and functioning but it marks a piece in history of the city. Move a bit ahead along the coast and you will be greeted by the Nariman Point and the Marine Drive ahead.

These are great spots to handout with friends and family along the coast and have a blast. This is also a very romantic spot for all the love birds. Up ahead there is the Girgaum Chowpatty for those who want to enjoy the beach.

Other than there are the Elephanta caves a short boat ride for the Gateway and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park up north of the city. If you are a shopping fanatic, then you will surely enjoy the great street shops at Fashion Street at Azad Maidan, the Colaba Causeway in Colaba and Linking Road in Bandra apart from the usual amazing malls all across town.

Click to know Attractions in Mumbai and follow below steps to reach there.

To find the distance and route to your favorite location,

  1. visit
  2. Click on “Get directions” button.
  3. Enter your from location in option “A” and to location in option “B”.
  4. Hit “Get Directions” button and here you go.

So you now know what to do when you come over to Mumbai city and enjoy life to the maximum. Not for nothing this is known as the Maximum City and you will surely have the time of your life here. And for those who are here to fulfill your dreams, work hard towards it and your dreams will surely be fulfilled.