What are Recycled Packaging Materials and Why You Must Use Them When Moving?

When shifting your home or office, you need different types of packaging materials to pack and move your belongings. However, when you reach your new abode and settle there, you are left with a massive amount of packaging waste to be thrown away. Since these materials can cause significant damage to the environment, using recycled packaging materials is an ideal way to pack your goods without leaving a carbon footprint.

Cardboard boxes, loose-fill chips, recycled foam, and bubble wraps are 100% recyclable and readily available with most packers and movers in Mumbai. They protect your belongings during transit while saving the environment.

Some primary reasons to use recycled packaging materials when moving have been discussed below.

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What’s wrong with Normal Packaging Materials?

What is Recycled Packaging?

Top Reasons to Use Recycled Packaging Materials

End Note

What’s wrong with Normal Packaging Materials?

Ordinary packaging materials are usually made up of plastic, i.e. polyethene, which is not appropriately recycled and often ends up in oceans and landfills. Another issue with traditional packaging materials is their production process since most plastics are created with crude oil refinement.

Their degradation process is equally harmful, as it takes hundreds of years to degrade. The toxic substances they release, like bisphenol A, disrupt animals’ hormonal systems and harm the ecosystem.

What is Recycled Packaging?

Certain rules make a packaging material sustainable:

1. Safe, healthy, and beneficial for communities as well as individuals

2. Meet the criterion for cost and performance

3. Manufactured, sourced, recycled, and transported using renewable sources of energy

4. Optimise the use of recycled or renewable source materials

5. Manufactured using eco-friendly practices and technologies

6. Made from non-toxic materials that do not release any fumes

7. Designed to optimise energy and materials

8. Made from biodegradable, eco-friendly materials that can be recycled or reused

Top Reasons to Use Recycled Packaging Materials

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Since these materials are made up of recycled products, your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced while moving. Since these materials are made up of products like bamboo, their growth actually draws out carbon from the environment.
Recycled packaging materials are made without consuming fresh raw materials from mines or forests. If you want to make your move carbon-neutral, recycled packaging materials are the way to go.

2. Biodegradable: Packaging materials made of natural products are biodegradable, contrary to plastics that take centuries to break down. Some eco-friendly and sustainable products are even compostable.

3. No Harmful Toxins: Petrochemical resources like crude oil used to make plastics are highly harmful to the environment. Landfills produce greenhouse gases like methane.
Recycled packaging materials do not have any issues during their lifespan since they biodegrade without leaching any harmful chemicals or fumes.

4. Versatile: Good recycled packaging materials can be made to order in any shape and size according to your belongings.

5. Cost-Effective: There is a myth that recycled packaging materials are costlier. In reality, they are cost-effective because they do not involve any new production.

6. Energy Conservation: Recycled packaging materials reduce the amount of raw materials extracted from the earth and save the water and energy required for processing and refining. Therefore, the energy needed to manufacture these materials is less than the production of new materials.

7. Free from Toxins and Allergens: Most recycled packaging materials are allergy-free and non-toxic. People are concerned about the products they use and how they affect the environment and their own health.

Moving home is a challenging job that produces a lot of waste. Don’t you think it’s better to switch to recycled packaging materials to reduce your carbon footprint?

End Note

Using recycled materials gives you peace of mind to make your move while adhering to eco-friendly standards. Therefore, they are the perfect solution to prevent global warming.

Did you use recycled packaging materials during your move? How did it make a difference, and how was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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